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Reliable and Effective Descaling Chemical, GravelFilter Media, Cooling Tower Biocide Chemical, RO Membrane, etc.
Unichem Global Solutions is a leading supplier and trader of Descaling Chemical, GravelFilter Media, Cooling Tower Biocide Chemical, RO Membrane, Ion Exchange Resin, RO Antiscalant, etc. In the realm of water treatment, ensuring the purity and efficiency of water systems is of utmost importance. From industrial processes to residential applications, maintaining water quality plays a critical role in safeguarding equipment, optimizing performance, and promoting a sustainable environment. Our working culture, based on ethical values, fair trade practices and commitment to supply quality chemicals on time, lead us to grow our list of clientele manifold. Today, the world is changing more rapidly than ever before, driven by demographic change and new digital technologies.

Why Choose Us?

Our customers in different industries and regions face diverse social and environmental challenges due to limited natural resources and increasing consumer demands. We are assisting them to meet up the requirements and are also committed to our contribution to social, community and environment protection. We are determined to be a socially responsible corporate citizen and are firmly resolved to go one step beyond business and make a difference to our society. Our clients preferred us for the following:

  • Industry leading prices
  • Qualitative products
  • Ability to undertake bulk orders
  • Timely deliveries

Our Infrastructural Base

We have a topnotch position with our infrastructure base. It consists of all the modern and latest technology machines. Our infrastructure has been segmented into many different parts according to their work. All the departments work in close coordination with each other. In adding to this, owing to these reasons, we have been able to deliver products within a limited time to attain complete satisfaction.

Quality Assurance

We understand that stakeholder trust is the most important asset we can build in this business. Building this trust is much more than just keeping good relationships we believe it is our commitment to the quality in the processes we follow that has helped us deliver top notch quality in the products, solutions and services that we offer.

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